Conference Program

General Program Outline


08:30 – 10:15


10:11 – 12:30


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15:01 – 18:15

18:16 – 21:00


Monday 28 Nov 2022



Conference Opening


Part I


Part II


Keynote I: Auditing large scale image datasets

Parallel Session I





Affordable Broadband and Digital Entrepreneurship for an Inclusive Digital Society

Parallel Session II


Tuesday 29 Nov 2022

Keynote II: Security for a Networked Society in Africa

IEEE awareness session


Paper Presentation: Parallel Session I


Keynote III: A more principled way towards machines that see the world like humans;

Special Session: Technology for Humanity and Restoration of Biodiversity


Conference Dinner

Paper Presentation: Parallel Session II

Wednesday, 30 Nov 2022


Site Seeing



 Conference Program

Day 1                                                                         Washera Hall

                             Monday Nov 28, 2022




08:30 – 08:50


Organizing Team

08:50 – 09:00

Conference Briefing by Dr. Esubalew Alemneh


Dr. Mekuanint Agegnehu

09:01 – 09:10

Message from Scientific Director of Bahir Dar Institute of Technology Bahir Dar University, by Dr. Bimirew Tamrat,

09:11 – 09:20

Welcome Speech from President of Bahir Dar University, by Dr. Firew Tegegn,

09:21 -09:30

Opening Remark by Guest of Honor [to be announced]

09:30 -12:30 Workshop on Affordable Broadband and Digital Entrepreneurship for an Inclusive Digital Society

09:31 - 09:50

Introducing Workshop Motive and Panel Members: Dr. L. Mfupe, Dr. A. Odusola, Dr M. Mzyece, N Mbele


Dr Fisseha Mekuria

09:51 - 10:15

Presentation of impact analysis on initiatives to support youth and women owned rural and township wireless network operators, Dr L Mfupe,

10:16 -10:30

Coffee Break


10:31 -10:55

Agricultural Renaissance in Africa supported by Smart ICT Technologies, Dr. A. Odusola, UNDP Regional Director, Southern Africa.


 Dr. Tesfa Tegegne

10:56 – 11:25

Presentation by the Digital Transformation Champion, CEO Mr. Nathi Mbele, Adnotes Pty Ltd, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

11:26 – 11:55

Sustainable Digital Business Models for resource limited areas and Inclusive Digital Transformation, Prof. M. Mzyece, Dr F. Mekuria (30 min).

11:56 – 12:30

Panel Discussion & Conclusion on Sustainable Digital Transformation

12:31 – 14:00

Conference Lunch


14:01 – 15:00

Keynote Speech I:Auditing large scale image datasets by Dr. Abeba Birhane, working at Mozilla Foundation, Ireland;

 Dr. Michael Melese

15:01 – 15:15

Tea/Coffee Break

15:16 – 17:55

Parallel Sessions

                        Parallel Session I                                                                                   Venue: Washera Hall

Track1: Intelligent Systems and Data Science and Track 5: Natural Language Processing

                                                                               (Session Manager: Dr. Yirga Yayeh )




Chair person

15:16 – 15:30

Resolving Amharic Lexical Ambiguity using Neural Word Embedding  (Virtual)

Gashaw Demelew


  Dr. Michael  Melese

15:31 – 15:45

Amharic-Kistanigna Bi-directional Machine Translation using Deep Learning

Mengistu Kinfe

15:46- 16:00

Design and Develop a Part of Speech Tagging for Ge’ez Language

Tessfu Getye

16:01 – 16:15

NLP Text Analysis on Influential Factors of Persistence for Female Computer Science Undergraduates: A Comparative Study

Bethlehem Abera

16:16 – 16:30

Designing Complexity Detection & Lexical Simplification Model for Amharic Text

G/gziabhiher Nigusse

16:31 – 16:40


16:41- 16:55

The Effect of Normalization for Bi-directional Amharic-English Neural Machine Translation

Tadesse Destaw



Dr. Mekonnen Wagaw


16:56 – 17:10

Dialect-Based Noisy Speech Dataset, Pre-Processing Tools, and Recognition Models for Amharic

Tadesse Destaw


17:11 - 17:25

Wolaytta-English Cross-lingual Information Retrieval using Neural Machine Translation

Aklilu Thomas

17:26 - 17:40

Multimodal Amharic Hate Speech Detection Using Deep Learning(Virtual)

Abreham Debele

17:41- 17:55

Developing Amharic Question Answering Model Over Unstructured Data Source Using Deep Learning Approach(Virtual)

Abenezer Mengistu

Parallel Session II                                                                      Venue: KHAS Hall

Track 2: Wireless Communication & Emerging Technology, Track 3: Computing Systems, and Track 4: Security and Privacy (Session Manager: Dr. Debas Seneshaw)

15:16 – 15:30

LoRa Mesh Network for Overhead Transmission Line Monitoring (Virtual)

Dejene Birlie




Dr. Mekuanint Agegnehu


15:31 – 15:45

UMTS/HSPA and LTE-A Radio Network Performance Analysis & Optimization, Case of Jimma Town (Virtual)

Mulugeta Atlabachew

15:46- 16:00

Design of High Isolation Multi-band Circular Phaseed Array Antenna for Millimeter Wave 5G Mobile Handsets

Baye Zenebe

16:01 – 16:15

Performance Analysis of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Accesses in Indoor LiFi Network Scenarios

Ermias Kassahun

16:16 – 16:30

Assessing the Ramifications of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure on Smart Grid Systems in Zambia (Virtual)

Lukumba Phiri

16:31 – 16:40


16:41- 16:55

GNSS-Independent Navigation of UAV through Utilization of Sensor Fusion and Intelligence System

Simegnew Eshetu



Dr. Amare Kassaw

16:56 – 17:10

Assessment of THD in DC-AC Boost Power Converter Using Zero-Free Staircase and Rectified AC Signals Based-Triangular Wave Modulation Schemes

candidus U Eya

17:11 - 17:25

Adaptive PSO based gain optimization of sliding mode control for tracking control of magnetic levitation system (Virtual)

Addisu Safo Bosera

17:26 - 17:40

Software Effort Estimation using Machine learning Algorithms

Yibeltal Assefa

17:41- 17:55

Internet of Concrete for Optimal Curing(Virtual)

Woubishet Taffese

End of Day 1                       

Day 2                                           Tuesday Nov 29, 2022                        Washera Hall

08:30 – 09:30          

Keynote Speech II:  Security for a Networked Society in Africa; Dr. Samson Gejibo, Senior Solution architect, Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Fisseha Mekuria

09:31 – 10:20

IEEE awareness session;  Dr. Fetene Mulugeta (AAiT, Presenter), Dr. Sudhir Routery (Bule Hora University), Dr. Fisseha Mekuriaw (CSIR), Dr. Ethiopia Nigussie (University of Turku), Dr. Tesfa Tegegne (Bahir Dar University)


Dr. Esubalew Alemneh

10:21 – 10:45

Tea/Coffee break

10:45 – 12:45

Parallel Sessions

                        Parallel Session I                                                                              Venue: Washera Hall

Track1: Intelligent Systems and Data Science, Track 5: Natural Language Processing

(Session Manager: Dr. Yirga Yayeh )

10:45 – 11:00

The 5Js in Ethiopia: Amharic Hate Speech Data Annotation using Toloka Crowdsourcing Platform

Abinew Ali



Dr. Tesfa Tegegne

11:01  – 11:15

Detection and Classification of Coffee Leaf Disease using Deep Learning

Eyobed Birhanu

11:16 – 11:30

Customer Churn Prediction Using Machine Learning: CBE (Virtual)

Muhamed Hassen

11:31 – 11:45

Selection of Architectural Pattern based on Tactics

Mebratu Aychew

11:46 – 12:00

Water Bottle Defect Detection System Using Convolutional Neural Network

Asaminew Gizaw

12:01 – 12:15

Towards a Deep Learning based Approach for an Infant Medical Analysis-review

David Wachepele

12:16 – 14:00

Lunch Time

Parallel Session II                                                                  Venue: KHAS Hall

Track1: Intelligent Systems and Data Science ( Session Manager: Dr. Debas Seneshaw)

10:45 – 11:00

Deep Active Learning with Budget Annotation

Patrick Kinyua




Dr. Abdulkerim Muhammed


11:01  – 11:15

Predicting Software Maintenance: Maintenance Type, Change Impact, And Maintenance Time

Samuel Temesgen

11:16 – 11:30

Combining Control Rules, Machine Learning Models, and Community Detection Algorithms for Effective Fraud Detection (Virtual)


11:31 – 11:45

Automatic Code Generation From Low Fidelity Graphical User Interface Sketches Using Deep Learning

Biniam Behailu

11:46 – 12:00

Examining the acceptability of e-Learning : A Case of a Private University in India [ Track 3: Computing Systems](Virtual)


12:20- 14:00


14:00 -15:00

Keynote III:  A more principled way towards machines that see the world like humans; Dr. Wieland Brendel,   Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Dr. Seid Muhie

15:01 – 15:20

Tea Break


15:21 – 17:50

Special Session:  Technology for Humanity and Restoration of Biodiversity;  Dr. Suzan Gardner, Director, UNEP, Geneva Switzerland, Dr. J. Mwangama, University of Cape Town, South Africa, Professor W. Dargie, Tu-Dresden, Germany, Dr. D. Modungwa, CSIR, South Africa., Dr.T. Tegene, Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia.

Dr. Fisseha Mekuria,

17:51 -18:00

Closing Remarks [ ICT4DA-2022 Organizing Committee]


Conference Dinner