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Call for Papers

The 3rd InternationalConference on ICT for Development for Africa (ICT4DA 2021) is the main venue for engineers, 
developers, and practitioners from academia and industry to present and discuss research work in the area of
 ICT for Development in AFRICA. The conference facilitatesa thematic discussion, and the transfer of knowledge, 
experience,adaptation of new methods, and where possible strive to foster collaboration among multidisciplinary groups. 
The topics of interest cover all aspects of ICT leading towards socioeconomic development in emerging economies. 
The Conference is organized under four tracks, but authors are encouraged to submit papers on complementary 
and related topicswhich may not be listed below:

Track 1: Intelligent Systems & Data Science

  • Decision support systems
  • Autonomous multi-agent systems
  • Summarization and information extraction
  • Big-data analytics and prediction
  • Statistical learning, models and theories
  • Text miningand data centers
  • Uncertainty modeling in intelligent systems
  • Application of AI and machine learning

Track 2: Wireless Communications and Emerging Network Technologies

  • Network virtualization and software defined networking
  • Internet of things, wearable computing, wireless sensor networks
  • Energy efficiency and green networking for SDG.
  • Next Generation Networking: MIMO, tactile Internet and gigabit networks
  • Power-line communications, Satellite and space communication
  • AI applications for QoS andImproved resource use inemerging wireless networks
  • Affordable and sustainable broadband wireless networks for emerging economies
  • 5G and beyond for sustainable connectivityand smart industry business models
  • Smart Wireless Sensor Networks ,5G IoT systems and applications
  • Dynamic Spectrum Management & Regulatory Frameworks for emerging wireless networks
  • Security, reliability and privacy for wireless networks and applications.

Track 3: Cloud, Edge, Fog Computing

  • Edge and fog computing architectures
  • Cloud computing, distributed cloud infrastructure
  • Public, private cloud infrastructure, cloud storage
  • Security and privacy in the context of Cloud, fog, and edge computing
  • Cost optimization Internet and Middleware Computing and Communication 
  • Green cloud and Sustainable Computing
  • Data Centers and Big Data Computing (DCBC)

Track 4: Human Computer Interaction

  • Accessibility and assistive technologies
  • Design of interactive entertainment systems
  • Information visualization
  • Interaction design for culture and development
  • Social Interaction and Mobile HCI
  • Child-Computer Interfaces
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Multi-Modal Interfaces
  • Multi-User Interaction / Cooperation
  • Ubiquitous and Context-Aware Computing
  • User Interfaces for Web Applications, e-Government
  • Speech and text Recognition, Synthesis
  • Dialogue and multilingual Interactive Systems
  • Sentiment analysis and opinion mining
  • Multimodal and grounded language processing




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