Digital Innovation for Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Development
5th International Conference
Jari Handelberg

Jari Handelberg

Chairperson Start North, the technology learning accelerator network | Helsinki, Finland


This presentation presents a solution for creating and funding 5G testbeds for key university campuses to accelerate the development of smart cities in Africa. Cities become smarter as technology develops and people and things become increasingly connected. Thanks to the introduction of sensors and active data, cities will become more efficient, sustainable and habitable. 5G technology plays a central role in developing smart cities. (1) 5G contains cellular IoT standard which is suitable for Smart cities. (2) 5G contains the Ultra reliable low latency (URLLC) standard necessary for smart transportation design, necessary in smart cities. (3) 5G provides high bandwidth wireless connectivity, throughout smart cities for exchange of relevant data between government agencies and municipalities. The history of previous generations of mobile systems in Africa shows that when operators and equipment suppliers open their laboratories for young innovators to experiment with, mobile applications like MPESA, which provided financial access to several million unbanked subscribers, can flourish and impact the sustainable socio-economic development of society. But how do we create and finance these developmentally important 5G testbeds. This presentation presents a model with which 5G testbeds can be quickly started on central university campuses and instead of appearing as extra costs for universities, they are indeed means of earning for universities. By including 5G testbeds as part of the wider learning, innovation and remote work Tech Space concept, which also serves as an exceptionally good Talent and project platform for international and local companies, a new service concept with significant added value can be created on the market at the same time.


Dr Jari Handelberg is a Chairman of the Board, Start North technology learning accelerator network, consisting of top universities and companies in the Nordics and around the world. The network has its offices in Helsinki and in Palo Alto, next to Stanford University. The network accelerates the learning and implementation of the latest technology all over the world and thereby promotes the world’s sustainable development. Jari has more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, a researcher and a consultant of new business venturing. He earned his PhD in entrepreneurship from the Aalto University School of Business. His most recent area of interest concerns a transformation of education system from the current model of educating students for a specific profession to a system that creates innovations in 5G & new job opportunities and professions. See more about Start North network

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